Study in LUVNU

Dear international students,

Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University invites you to study. We are offering online classes, scheduling flexibility and a safe study environment. Distance learners who want to experience learning in the University can enrol in different specialities, which blend online study with subsequent classroom instruction.

The online study maintains the exact academic requirements, grading standards and live virtual sessions. You don’t need to move to Lutsk-city in order to attend the program of your choice. You can stay where you are and keep your current job while you work toward enhancing your career with a graduate degree. 

Whether you’re a full-time online student, the online learning experience allows for a much more flexible schedule. You’ll receive the same level of support as an on-campus student.

sequence of actions for a foreigner who plans to enrol in the university this year:

  • apply to the university;
  • receive an invitation for study;
  • pay information services (UAH 648);
  • apply for a visa;
  • pass entrance exams;
  • receive admission order.

If the student does not use the visa for 90 days (the period of validity of the visa issued for study), he/she would at least check the possibility of entering Ukraine in the future. And if a student wants to continue studying in Ukraine in person, he/she will be able to physically cross the border.

General Inquiries:

Head of International Relation Office: Mr Vladyslav Kolomechiuk, +380635301332 (Telegram, WhatsApp/GSM)

Specialist for work with foreign students and tutors of International Relation Office: Mrs Iryna Tatushko, +380997911240 (Telegram, WhatsApp/GSM)