About Project

Project goals and specific tasks:

The goal of the project is to train specialists focused on European values ​​who have the appropriate competencies and knowledge to achieve the goals of sustainable, inclusive, and smart growth in Ukraine in a decentralized environment.

The general goals of the project are:

– building a productive dialogue between academic circles (masters and postgraduate students, teachers) and civil society (civil servants, representatives of local communities, and CSOs) to achieve sustainable, inclusive, and smart development in a decentralized environment based on the EU experience and the use of the best practices of the Community;

– training of teachers, young scientists, civil servants, local communities, and representatives of CSOs on the goals of a sustainable Europe, implementation of the decentralization reform with the support of the EU to obtain additional professional competencies and attract the media, distribution of advertising materials, publications on websites and on the Internet for broader coverage and involving a wide range of people in strengthening relationships on the way to sustainable, inclusive and smart development of Europe and the world as a whole;

– generation of knowledge, training of academic experts on issues of sustainable, inclusive, and smart development of communities, and accumulation of best EU experience in a specialized Centre;

– carrying out active informational and educational activities regarding implementing the experience of sustainable, inclusive, and smart development of Europe and disseminating knowledge among the general public outside the scientific and specialized audience.


  • deepening of scientific research on the topic of the project;
  • development of a set of educational materials;
  • conducting education and training for target groups;
  • conducting a scientific and practical conference;

creation of the Scientific and Analytical Centre of “Sustainable, Inclusive and Smart Europe”.

Expected results:

  • deepening the study of sustainable, inclusive and smart development of the European Union and implementation of experience through the development of two educational courses “EU Strategy for Sustainable, Inclusive and Smart Development” and “Integration of Ukraine into the EU in the Conditions of Decentralization” and their inclusion in the educational and scientific program of postgraduate training “Economics of sustainable development”;
  • training and research were conducted for 45 post-graduate students and 120 masters, advanced training for 150 teachers of higher education institutions, 100 civil servants and 100 representatives of local self-government and CSOs;
  • a database of educational, didactic and scientific materials on sustainable, inclusive and intelligent development of the EU was formed for use in the educational process, scientific and practical activities of students, civil servants, and public activists, namely: didactic materials for courses, 1 (one) study guide ” Sustainable, inclusive and smart growth of the European Union”, 1 (one) monograph “Integration of Ukraine into the EU in conditions of decentralization and implementation of the policy of sustainable, inclusive and smart development”, materials of 1 (one) conference “Sustainable, inclusive and smart development: current trends of the European Union” and 4 (four) presentation brochures;
  • the Scientific and Analytical Centre of “Sustainable, Inclusive and Smart Europe” was created as a single platform for interdisciplinary research and methodological developments related to sustainable development, inclusive and smart growth in the EU and the activities of universities.