Jean Monnet Module “Developing European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Well-Being” (DevelopMental)

Developing European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Well-Being creates interests in EU’s ambitious response to the increasing challenges in mental health during Covid-19 pandemic and post- pandemic period.

The objectives are to go beyond mental health crisis through:
1) enhancing excellence of teaching of EU policies;
2) fostering dialogue between the academic world and society, including local and state level policy-makers, civil servants, civil society actors, representatives of education and the media;
3) generating knowledge of EU well-being policy in a globalised world;
4) spreading knowledge about EU framework for action on mental health to wider society, therefore bringing the EU closer to the public.

Raising awareness of EU mental health policy and well-being in three target groups:
1) students of EU studies;
2) students, who are not involved in EU studies (psychology, public health, government, journalism);
3) healthcare practitioners; policy-makers and state officials, facilitates future engagement of academics and society and provides equal rights and inclusiveness of public services.

The module (40 hours) is adjustable to the certain target group with respect to the knowledge area, 
study degree, and levels of competencies and includes eight sessions. 

The module includes General Introduction to EU Studies; EU Mental Health Policy and Practice; EU Well-Being Project Management. All training will be delivered in blended format and team-based learning. Beyond teaching activities conference on European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Well-Being is planned to enhance excellence of research and foster dialogue between academia and society. The current project provides participants with the knowledge and skills to initiate mental health programmes in low-resource settings, providing their sustainable development. Besides, international conference is a flagship event, serving a vector towards Partner Countries, and strengthening global health.