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About Lutsk
Lutsk is a city located in northwestern Ukraine in Volyn Oblast (Province). It has a population of approximately 217 103 inhabitants. The city is situated on the Styr River, about 150 km from the Lake Svitiaz. Svitiaz is the deepest lake in Ukraine, which is located in Volyn Oblast, close to the borders with Poland and Belarus.

Lutsk is a city where the present goes hand in hand with the past, facts friendly coexist with legends and city true stories. The present city appearance was formed by the thousand-year history and dozens of peoples who used to live here, hundreds of hosts and millions of Lutsk inhabitants. Modern Lutsk is a result of protracted city evolution, as well as the sudden destiny’s turns.

In this mixture of the past and the present everybody will find something for himself. For those who like relaxation and walks the city offers its Old part and central streets, history and architecture admirers will enjoy plenty of historical monuments, art lovers will be interested by art galleries, concerts and festivals, those who are looking for adventures and active leisure will immediately find something suitable for themselves.

Lutsk is also the administrative centre of the Volyn region. This region is famous for its nature and cultural treasury. Lutsk, providing comfortable transport system, hotels and restaurants may become the first destination place during your travel around blue-eyed Volyn or around the religious edifices of the region.

It is worth to visit Lutsk during festivals which are held here and to celebrate together with its inhabitants. You should believe that Lutsk citizens know how to celebrate!

Today it is absolutely visible Lutsk dynamic development. The city is always ready to surprise you every time you come here.

We invite you to discover the pleasure! Welcome to Lutsk!

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