Do I need visa to come for studying?
Yes. Visa required for ALL foreigners who want to apply for studying EVEN if you don`t need a visa for a short-time stay at Ukraine (except citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia,, Georgia, Moldova, and Uzbekistan).

How can I get visa?
You will need invitation from the University. Detailed information you can find here.

How can I get the invitation?
Contact us directly, or check list of our partner-companies for recruitment. 

Can I come for language course only?
Yes, it`s possible. But we strongly recommend you to choose few interested programs at our University.

What are the study terms?
Language course 5-10 months (winter or summer term); BA – 4 years; MA- 1 year 4 months; PhD – 4 years.

How to apply for visa?
For details see information here.

Questions about fees
For details see information here.

Still have some other question?
Please, contact us.

Can I come to study in Ukraine on a tourist visa?

No, if you are coming to study in a Ukrainian university, you must come on a student visa (which requires an invitation letter first).

 If I have an invitation letter to study, can my parents or relatives come with me?

No, the invitation letter is a document issued to you alone. However, you can apply to the university for a personal invitation letter for your parents or relatives.