Project Team

Nataliia Pavlikha, Project Coordinator, Professor Jean Monnet, Doctor of Economics, Full-professor, Expert on Sustainable Development, Head of the Laboratory of Projects and Initiatives, Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University, Lutsk, Ukraine.

With human lives at risk, millions of people at risk, in the face of the current challenges of Russian aggression in Ukraine, it is time to rethink and reaffirm the international community’s commitment to a sustainable development strategy.

These commitments must be based on BRAVE action and reform at the national, European Union, and the world, capable of upholding universal values ​​and promoting global recovery and a sustainable future.

Our project aims to make the issues of value and dignity of HUMAN LIFE visible and heard. To teach that PEOPLE are paramount in all sustainable development strategies, from the local to the global. That FREEDOM matters.

Maksym Voichuk, Project Manager, PhD in Economics, Expert in Sustainable Development Economics, Research Manager, Lutsk National Technical University, Lutsk, Ukraine.

Sustainable development is a new paradigm of human development. In essence, the concept is based on the principles of human-centeredness, which excludes selfishness. On the contrary, the basis is a broader and deeper vision of man and his interaction with the world.

The task of man is to inflict the most important benefit to others © Volodymyr Vernadskyi

Ukrainian scientist Volodymyr Vernadskyi was the ideological founder of this paradigm. We, the scientists-adherents of this concept, continue our work and spread the ideas of sustainable development as much as possible.

The relevance of these ideas can not be lost – this is the only possible future for mankind. The comprehensiveness of the concept closely intertwines strategic priorities and perspectives. They are all tangible and real.

Sustainable cities that function thanks to and for the residents are the future we strive for. And we need to work on that here and today.

Agnieszka Cyburt, team member, PhD in Economics, Expert on public governance, Head of the scientific project ”The impact of local capital on the financial stability of “Lilliputs”- small local governments of the Eastern Poland macroregion”, John Paul II University of Applied Sciences in Biala Podlaska, Poland.

Considerations about the development of local governments with the principle of sustainable development include issues of natural resources protection, and maintaining a balance between the economic, social, environmental, and spatial spheres. 

The growing demand for more democracy, transparency, and subsidiarity made use of the global debate on good governance to discuss opportunities for internal reform that would bring the EU closer to its citizens, render it more effective, and consolidate the democratic legitimacy of its institutions.

Smart governance is based on the integration within the activities of public authorities as well as social organizations and residents, so that territorial management is carried out efficiently. This means that many activities are carried out through partnerships and cooperation between different stakeholders. The quality of a country’s public administration and governance is a key factor in its economic performance and the well-being of its citizens.

The purpose of intelligent co-governance is the principle of open government. It allows for the involvement of citizens in the governance process. This principle provides the basis for the creation of an efficient public administration functioning with innovative public services. 

Join our activities to share expertise, skills, and knowledge. This can fill important skills gaps in being an active participant in the public governance process and facilitate the spread of good practices which can determine the achievability of the local development plans.

Iryna Tsymbaliuk, team member, Professor Jean Monnet, Doctor of Economics, Expert on Inclusive Development, Lesia Ukrainka Volyn National University

The large-scale risks of the long-term negative effects of the war in Ukraine are felt around the world. Critical conditions dictate the need to INVOLVE and integrate all people and groups in activities, organizations, and political processes, especially those who are disadvantaged, discriminated against, at war, or have limited physiological capabilities.

Our project aims to spread the ideas of inclusive development, and study the positive practices of the European Union to reduce the disparity in socio-economic space. Every PERSON matters and every country has the right to independence. Only the cohesion and realization of such inclusive values as diversity, equality, and justice, cooperation, participation, community, is an effective way to overcome the destructive effects of war and the problems of humanity.

Ayselin Yidiz, team member of the project “Sustainable, Inclusive and Smart Development within Decentralization Process: the EU experience”, PhD, Assoc. Prof., an Expert on Decentralization, Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey.

Over the last few decades, forced displacement has increased significantly. Along with economic, political, social, and environmental factors, ongoing conflicts, wars, and insecurity are forcing more and more internally displaced persons, refugees, and asylum seekers to leave their homes. HUMANITARIAN protection is at the forefront of sustainable development. It needs global commitment and action.

Instead of dealing with temporary responses to the humanitarian crisis and turning to buzzwords based on what is desired, it is vital to make the transition from rhetoric to reality. This project addresses in detail the issues of sustainable development and humanitarian protection through the involvement of a team of experts who are experiencing migration in their region, receiving or sending thousands of refugees and migrants.

Nataliia Khomiuk, team member, Doctor of Economics, an expert on decentralization and rural development, Volyn National University named after Lesya Ukrainka

The experience of the countries of the European Union demonstrates the positive practice of decentralization and broad opportunities for the effective implementation of sustainable development of rural areas.

In today’s difficult times of war in Ukraine, it is worth using every opportunity to stay afloat and HELP COMMUNITIES. After all, the war forces almost every sphere of society to fight for survival.

In our project, we envisage consideration of possible measures to support the development of communities, strengthening their competitive advantages, taking into account European principles. It is intended to study the processes of diversification of development and agricultural and non-agricultural entrepreneurship. We plan to consider the issue of improving the quality of life of the rural population and achieving food, economic, and ecological security for the community, taking into account the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

Vladyslav Kolomechiuk, team member, PhD in Economics, Expert on Smart Urban Development, Project Manager, Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University.

On February 24, radical changes took place not only in Ukraine but all over the world. This is a challenge to our thinking and worldview. From the actions of the aggressor, we see how negative can be the consequences for humanity of the unwise use of force. It is time to rethink development strategies with an emphasis on the value of human life, creating a safe and comfortable environment. The wise use of information technology is important. They are irrevocably integrated into our everyday life. This is a necessary component of the intelligent development of humanity, cities, and communities.

These technologies are important not only for improving business, urban planning, and progress in all spheres of life but also for use in crisis situations, including conflict and war.

We must build smart cities and communities in the future where it is SAFE and comfortable to live and work.

As part of the activities of our project, we will work with the concept of SMART community development, using the best practices of Europe. Join us and build a new strong Ukraine together!