Jean Monnet Module EUValues

Jean Monnet Module “European values in the context of the candidate state policy/EUValues” is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. We are happy to inform that the VNU project have been selected for funding in 2023-2026. The project envisages the implementation of short teaching programme in the field of European Union Studies. 

The project “European values in the context of the candidate state policy” (EUValues) is exemplified by the growing interest in the implementation of the European Union related issues into the studying syllabus of Ukrainian universities. The EUValues will definitely foster the above-mentioned teaching activities in a way that much more attention will be paid to the clarification of candidate state status for the Ukrainians and deeper understanding of the fundamental values of the European Union. It will also contribute to the better understanding of the processes of association and accession of Eastern Partnership countries, particularly Ukraine, to the European Union. Teaching activities will be supplemented by events including summer school and guest speakers during roundtable debates.

The module covers a larger number of beneficiaries, fostering the dialogue among various target groups responsible for Ukraine`s integration in the common European Union, economic, educational, and research space. We also believe that the project will better prepare our graduates for their professional life in the European Union (EU) bordering region and foster Ukraine`s smooth integration into the European Union.

Jean Monnet Module “EUValues” Coordinator is Dr. Marta Sydoruk, Assistant Professor of the Chair of International Economic Relations and Project Management, Analyst of Consolidated Information at the Rector’s Bureau of VNU.

More information about module and application documents is available under the following section: Didactic Materials; Module Staff; News & Events.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Marta Sydoruk
Jean Monnet Module Coordinator
Rector’s Bureau
Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University
Building A, Voli Avenue 13, 43025 Lutsk