Jean Monnet Module EUSport

Jean Monnet Module “EU Sport Policy/EUSport” is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. We are happy to inform that the VNU project have been selected for funding in 2023-2026. The project envisages the implementation of short teaching programme in the field of European Union Studies. 

The EUSport module will contribute to the reflections on the future European perspective of Ukraine by promoting excellence in teaching and research in the field of the EU studies, sport, and physical activity. Moreover, the module is focused on the EU Sport Policies and promoting ethical, green, and sustainable sports practices. Target groups affected and benefiting from the realization of the EUSport module are: BA, MA and PhD students, high school teachers, sport professionals, local policy-makers, volunteers in the field of sport, athletes, and coaches. BA, MA, and PhD students will have separate teaching courses titled “EU Sport Policy” aiming to improve their knowledge and related competencies on EU studies, sport policy, and physical activity. The Summer school for related and not related to EU studies BA, MA, and PhD students from different HEIs of Ukraine will be focused not only on the EU issues but also try to bring the sport into their daily life and to encore youth to conduct research on EU studies, EU policy in the field of sport and physical education in future. The summer school besides teaching course on EU studies, EU Sport Policy, and integrity will enclose the research methodology seminars and sports competition with regards to ethical, green, and sustainable sports practices. Intensive training courses on EU Sport policy for sport professionals, athletes, and coaches and for high school teachers in sport and physical activities will develop EU literacy for them as mentors for the new generation, who will share common European values and democratic principles. Via the conference and roundtable debates, we would like to attract the broad public (all levels students, teachers, professionals, volunteers in the field of sport, athletes, and coaches, local policy-makers) and raise awareness of EU integrity in sport highlighting the role of the EU in developing sport frameworks in candidate status countries.

Jean Monnet Module “EUSport” Coordinator is Rector of VNU Full Prof. Anatolii Tsos. 

For more information, please contact:
Full Prof. Anatolii Tsos
Jean Monnet Module Coordinator
Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University
Building A, Voli Avenue 13, 43025 Lutsk