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What is MILETUS?
The project’s main objective consists in students’ mobility capacity building at HEIs in Serbia and TURIL while improving graduates’ employability chances and enhancing quality of PhD students’ research.

Main emphasis will be made on enabling and facilitation of students’ mobility initiatives on ministerial and institutional levels. At this, a special effort will be made to open up mobility programs to students with disabilities. While leveraging mobility capacity not only introduces students to new learning experiences, within the framework of this project graduates’ employability chances will be improved and collaboration circles of PhD students will be broadened.

The project’s main objective can be specified by enumeration of the following more specific project objectives:

Building capacity of ministry responsible for HE for future initiation and implementation of or counseling with regard to students’ mobility programs.

  • Improving students’ mobility initiatives governance at HEIs.
  • Broadening knowledge of teaching staff in peculiarities of students’ mobility runs guidance and learning materials preparation.
  • Experiencing virtual, real and blended mobility runs.
  • Enabling and facilitating participation of students in mobility programs (especially physically limited and otherwise deprived students).
  • Enhancing graduates’ employability chances by helping students develop required skills in mobility runs.
  • Developing mobility opportunities for PhD level students to broaden their collaboration spectrum and improve research quality.

October 2016 – October 2019

See more about MILETUS project on website http://miletus.mnau.edu.ua