MILETUS project addresses capacity building in the field of virtual, real and blended mobility runs (MR) at Serbian and TURIL (Territory of the Ukraine as recognized by international law) higher education institutions (HEI). By creating the needed governance on a ministerial and institutional level, MILETUS achieves the improvement of Master graduates’ employability chances in companies working internationally and the quality enhancement of PhD students’ research, and thus their contribution to high quality research in the partner countries.

The main outcomes of the project are:
• improved governance of students’ mobility programs on a ministerial and institutional levels
• framework for virtual, real and blended MRs to guide future implementation also for nonparticipating HEIs
• enhanced teaching methodologies during MRs
• solid learning basis for students participating in MRs
• eased access to mobility programs for students with disabilities
• enhanced employability chances for graduates by developing international skills
• and broader research collaboration circle for PhD student.

Final sustainability plan is available here

More information about project are available under the following section: About project, Project partners, New & Events

For more information, please contact:
International Relations Office
Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
13 Voli Ave.,
43025 Lutsk, Ukraine
1st floor, room 119