Town and Gown 2.0: the strategic cooperation between university and city in V4 and Ukraine

The project focuses on the problem of synchronizing the strategic development of the city and the university. Particular attention will be paid to broadcasting the positive experience of the Visegrad Group countries, which are represented by the participating partners. The main focus of the project will be on issues: implementing the idea of ​​an academic city by developing the city’s infrastructure for comfortable student learning and the functioning of universities; transforming the city into an innovation space in which scientific projects are developed and innovations are created by creative youth and scientists; creation of new institutions that embody the interaction of the city and the university and which are aimed at mutual development (technology parks, innovation centres, creative clusters); promotion of the city as an academic environment in order to attract creative people to study and conduct research; cooperation between the city and the university to transform the city into a safe living environment for social, economic and cultural development. A separate issue on which the project focuses is the connection between the city and the university in order to influence the economic, social, and cultural development of the Volyn region, which historically covers the entire territory from which the Ukrainian partners of the project originated. This problem is relevant given the decentralization process in Ukraine. Broadcasting the positive experience of the V4 countries will effectively address these issues (Project ID # 22110065).

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