Visa and Temporary residence permit information

To enter Ukraine for the purpose of study an appropriate visa is usually required. Students from countries which require a visa or have signed an agreement on a visa-free period of up to 90 days (tourist, private and business travel) shall apply for a long-stay visa (type D) to Ukraine, which allows staying in Ukraine longer than 90 days. Citizens of countries with which Ukraine has signed a visa-free regime agreement (Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan) do not require a visa to Ukraine, but shall provide an original or photocopy of the “Invitation to study” when crossing the Ukrainian border to verify the purpose of their visit to Ukraine.

How to apply:

1. Ukraine’s Embassies or Consulates abroad. Every foreigner who is required to have an entry Ukrainian visa may apply for her/his visa at the relevant Ukraine Embassy or Consulate not earlier than 3 months before the date of the planned entry to Ukraine.

2. MFA visa divisions at the border checkpoint at “Boryspil” and “Odesa” international airports in certain cases (emergency visa on arrival).

3. One of Ukraine’s 74 Visa Application Centres abroad. VACs receive visa applications from foreigners residing in 47 VACs location countries only.

4. Online via the MFA website (e-Visa applications only). E-Visas are issued to foreigners-holders of passports of 45 specified countries as single or double entry 30-day visas.

Supporting documents:

According to Ukraine’s Visa Rules, all applicants should provide the following documents in order to apply for their visa:

  1. passport/travel document which should comply with these requirements:
  2. be valid for at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from Ukraine;
  3. have at least 2 pages free from any visas/marks/stamps;
  4. be issued for no more than 10 years.
  5. printed and signed visa application form;
  6. 1 applicant’s photo (35×45 mm);
  7. paid visa fee receipt (unless stipulated otherwise by Ukraine’s legislation or Ukraine’s international treaty);
  8. the original “Invitation to study”;

NOTE: We would like to stress that the documents from your previous education must be officially certified before submission to the consulate. This can be done in one of two ways: legalized by the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Ukraine in your country or certified by Apostille stamp and legalized at the Embassy of Ukraine in your country.

Application processing times:

Ukraine’s Embassies/Consulates abroad process visa applications and make visa decisions:

  • in up to 5 working days from the day of application within expedited service (specific number of days to be defined by each Embassy/Consulate);
  • in up to 10 working days from the day of application within regular service unless stipulated otherwise by Ukraine’s international treaties. Processing time of an application filed within regular service may be extended for up to 30 working days if additional checks are necessary.

MFA visa divisions at border check points at “Boryspil” and “Odesa” international airports process visa applications and make visa decisions on the day of application.


Basis for receiving the service

In accordance with Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine On Legal Status of the Foreigners and Stateless Persons the temporary residence permit is issued to:

  • a foreigner who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of study;

In order to apply for temporary residence permit, a foreigner or stateless person who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of study shall submit the following documents:

  1. application
  2. passport of a foreigner with D Visa, and copies of passport;
  3. Ukrainian translation of pages of passport of a foreigner, attested according to the legally established procedure;
  4. valid medical insurance policy;
  5. payment slip confirming payment of government charge or document certifying certain exemptions (the original shall be returned after showing, only the copy is submitted);
  6. document confirming the actual study in Ukraine (attested in accordance with established procedure orders of education establishment on establishment of the education period for foreigner students.
  7. request (solicitation) of the education institution with the obligation to inform SMS in case of enrolment termination.

Time limit for application review

The temporary residence permit is issued within 15 working days after the documents were submitted by the foreigner or stateless person

Result of the service

Receipt of the temporary residence permit

Validity period of a document resultant from the service

Temporary residence permit for foreigners and stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of study shall be issued for the duration of study, which is indicated by the order of education establishment on establishment of the education period for foreigner students.

REMEMBER: You should apply for the temporary residence permit when you are legally staying in Ukraine, which means after you arrive, but before the expiry of your visa.